Corkscrew Maddy - Unregistered

Trachok Fuzzy Bear - Unregistered

KHH Rory Duncan - AHCA #57338

Brigadoon's Jessie - AHCA #61549

Brigadoon's Britt - AHCA #53073

KHH Rose - AHCA #57338

Corkscrew Skye Rory - AHCA #62587

We started raising Highland Cattle in the Fall of 2019.  We started by purchasing our first bull, Rory, and our first cow, Rose, from Schneider Farms in Dayton, Nevada.  Our first calf, a little bull named Corkscrew's Barra Rory, was born to us on April 28, 2020. We have since had Corkscrew Stirling Rory, Corkscrew Skye Rory and Corkscrew Maddy.